Pearl Jewelry Tihitian Pearl

Tahitian Pearls

For our Tahitian Pearls, we have the sizes between 7 to 17mm with black and grey color in the shape of round, semi-round, drop, button and baroque.

Tahitian pearls are among one of two natural origins for the production of black pearls in the world. Better known throughout the world as Black Pearls, Tahiti Cultured Pearls are indigenous to the lagoons of French Polynesia in the South Seas.

Tahitian black pearls are cultured pearls implanted artificial nucleus, and then back into the sea to breed, quality pearls are naturally formed, so the different forms, less than the hardness of the gem quality pearls, special treatment should be taken care of, but it has greatly Improved by the plasticity of pearls which adds design of a more extensive creative flexibility.